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Dr. Valentina Obradovic

Where to find healthy, fresh, food in San Marcos, CA

We know that eating healthy is great for our bodies, keeps them strong and functioning to their highest potential, keeps our weight in check and wards off life-threatening diseases.  With all the talk about eating healthy, though, we often forget how important it is for our oral health.  Choosing the right foods for our bodies [...]...read more

Oral Disease Related to Poor Oral Health

Dentists tell us at each visit that we need to brush at least twice daily.  We know we should be flossing every day.  Rinsing our mouths also helps us fight cavities.  We should avoid foods high in sugar and other tooth damaging ingredients.  What happens when we don’t heed these suggestions? There are several things [...]...read more

Foods that aren’t good for oral health

Eating is one of the greatest pleasures of life and is one of the main centerpieces of our holiday gatherings and celebrations.  At the same time, we are taught from an early age that keeping our teeth and gums healthy is also very important.  It’s a fine line, isn’t it?  Taking care of our teeth [...]...read more

Healthy foods for a Healthy Smile

We all know that taking good care of our teeth by daily brushing and flossing is vital, but what about the foods that we put into our bodies?  How do they play a role in our oral health? As it turns out, the foods that we choose to eat play a major role in our oral [...]...read more

Re3 Grand Opening Celebration!

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Join us, Saturday, June 2, 2012 from 11am – 6pm for the Grand Opening or Re3 Salon and Spa! Live Music Fashion Show Dancers Free food and drinks Free hair styling Free massages Free mini-manicures Free raffle prices...read more

Epigenetic Orthodontics

Adriatic Dental now introducing revolutionary Epigenetic Orthodontics! Epigenetic orthodontics uses a person’s natural genes to correct and straighten the teeth without the use of force brackets. Dr Valentina Obradovic believes that by changing the spatial relations of crooked teeth, using a new generation of orthodontic-orthopedic- pneumopedic™ DNA appliances™ , which can be worn similar to [...]...read more