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Children :: Adriatic Dental
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Dr. Valentina Obradovic


Pediatric Dentistry

From the moment that you and your family enter the Adriatic Dental office in San Marcos, you’ll feel welcome, relaxed and well taken care of. Our friendly staff is here to help make your visit as comfortable as possible and we’ll walk you through each step. You and your Child’s dental care are extremely important to us and we understand the concerns parents may have with bringing a child for dental visits.

Parents are always welcome to accompany their child into our treatment area for any appointment. When the time may call for check-ups, sedations, extractions, fillings or other procedures, we thoroughly discuss options and help you to decide which treatment will be best for your child.

Our dentists and our staff want your children to have good dental health. Unfortunately, we see numerous children with severe dental decay who are in pain. We want our patients to be cavity-free, avoiding those fillings, crowns, root canals or extractions! The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends the first dental visit be at age 1 or 6 months after the first tooth comes in, hence, it is extremely critical for children see a dentist at an early age.

If your child needs dental treatment, Adriatic Dental has a large variety of options and “fun distractions” to provide your child the best experience possible. We also offer in-office sedation in a very comfortable setting. We have LCD flat panel displays with DVDs in our treatment rooms so children and parents can be as relaxed as possible during treatments.  Our aim is to provide only the best possible experience and treatment for your and your children.