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Crowns :: Adriatic Dental
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Dental Crowns are a type of cap used for teeth restorations that are placed on teeth that have lost significant structure. There are many different types of crowns available from full porcelain, porcelain fused to metal or full metal crowns. Adriatic Dental can explain and answer any of your questions as to the advantages and disadvantages of each kind for your treatment requirements.

The process of making a tooth crown has several steps which start in our San Marcos office. To begin we prepare the teeth by making impressions of the diagnosed teeth involved. If it is needed we will provide a temporary crown or bridge which is placed on your teeth.

Your exact impressions are sent to an affiliated dental lab which will create a mold of your teeth. Lab technicians work on the mold to fabricate a crown or bridge from which an actual tooth replication is created.

The finished work is sent back to the Adriatic Dental office, and after necessary inspections and reviews, it is cemented onto your teeth.